Health and Safety Professionals

Restoration Safety

Restoration Safety can customize your employee orientation program to ensure all employees are given basic safety training that meets the correct standards.  This training can includes the mandatory Worker Health & Safety Awareness course, Working at Heights, WHMIS, Fire Extinguisher Awareness, Customer Service Accessibility and Violence in the Workplace.  Also included in this orientation is a thorough review of the Health & Safety Policies of your company. 

Restoration Safety takes the development of Health & Safety Policies very seriously.  Through on-going consultation with Restoration Safety, these policies and procedures reflect industry standards and best practices while ensuring compliance with all legislation governing the Health & Safety of workers in Ontario.  Our new policy manuals have been updated to include compliance with new Ontario COR Standards.   These Policies and Procedures are reviewed frequently by management and Restoration Safety Lead Consultants.  

Restoration Safety is a certified Canadian Red Cross Training Partner, and is pleased to offer industry-targeted Emergency and Standard First Aid Training to workers requiring this training.  Through the Restoration Safety Advantage™, this training is available in a variety of locations,  and is also made available on a stand-by or rain-day system to our contract clients.   This flexibility makes it easy for your company to ensure that there are an adequate number of qualified first aiders on each project site.

A key component of the Restoration Safety Advantage™ is on-going inspection and monitoring of worksites.  Through the integrated safety system, Restoration Safety is equipped to attend these sites on a regular basis and conduct thorough inspections of health and safety practices on these sites.  These inspections result in a formal report to your company, which will outline any deficiencies, measures taken to correct these deficiencies and provide recommendations for dealing with these deficiencies going forward.  Restoration Safety uses their in depth knowledge of legislative requirements, industry best practices and the your company's  Policies and Procedures in order to  preserve the commitment to keep workers safe.

Although the goal of all construction companies and Restoration Safety is to ensure that incidents involving the Health and Safety of workers do not occur, should incidents occur, Restoration Safety is called upon to perform a thorough investigation of the circumstances and events leading up to the incident.  Every incident or near miss is studied by our Lead Consultants to determine how the incident can be prevented from occurring again.  This service provides an excellent opportunity to improve upon Policies and Procedures and is an effective tool in developing a successful due diligence program.

Should the need arise, due to special circumstances relating to site-specific hazards, Restoration Safety may be required to have a consultant present for the entire workday in order to monitor Health and Safety compliance.  Our consultants are able to work with Site Supervisors in order to trouble-shoot potential risks, and to provide a competent application of the Act and Regulations in a live-work setting.  This service is provided through the Restoration Safety Advantage  and is one of our new core services. 

Restoration Safety is pleased to be able to work with your company on its Joint Health and Safety Committee.  This Committee meets on a regular basis and is another key element in assisting the Management of your company in the development of their Policies and Procedures.  As a mechanism for workers to discuss their Health and Safety concerns and considerations, the Joint Health and Safety Committee, and the role of Restoration Safety within this context, help to shape the position of your company as a health and safety leader in the construction industry. 

Ontario's move the COR (Certificate of Recognition) system is new and potentially confusing and daunting to many companies.  We can help get you started, and assist in guiding you through the process.  While we cannot complete COR for you, we can help with the questions you may have, get you going on the development and sit in on meetings to offer advice and recommendations where needed.


Restoration Safety is pleased to be able to offer corporate team building in a fun and unique atmosphere.  Our affiliation with Dragonfly Equestrian allows us to do corporate team building exercises for your company.  We use Harmony Horsemanship™  (see Harmony Horsemanship™  page) combined with our Equine Assisted Team Development Program to engage individuals and groups in activities using horses. These focus on specific personal skills such as communication, confidence, leadership, motivation, listening and co-operation. Goals are set by the client such as team strengthening, motivation, creative problem solving and communication.
This approach is particularly powerful when applied to professional development both on a personal level and within organisations.
Equine Assisted Team Development Program for corporate groups takes the format of a day-long session tailor made to meet the aims of the client. A typical day would include activities with horses, linked to psychometric tools and techniques, discussion time and a debrief session.  No horse experience is required, we do not actually ride the horses, all work is done on the ground.