Harmony Horsemanship™  was developed by Lindsey Partridge, and Dragonfly Equestrian has 2 Certified level 2 instructors.  Additional information can be found below or at http://www.harmonyhorsemanship.ca/about-harmony-horsemanship/

Harmony The 3 Parts of Harmony Horsemanship™ 

Understand Yourself
Understand Your Horse
Understand the Language

The language includes horses and riders learning their A, B, C’s – the basic fundamental skills for communication.

Using the A, B, C’s with exercises along the Harmony Training Continuum helps to establish a partnership of trust, confidence, and willingness.

The Harmony Training Continuum

Respect and Safety
Calm Connection
Create a Yes Horse
Balanced Rider (for riding only)

We call it Harmony Horsemanship™ because the human is moving with the horse in balance,  aware of their horses thoughts, emotions, and capabilities – and most importantly how to respond to those thoughts and emotions to unleash the capabilities their horse has to offer.

Lindsey Partridge’s (founder) background

Equine Canada Rider Level 8 (English) and Level 4 (Western)
Certified Coach of Ontario
President of the Natural Horsemanship Association
2016 Thoroughbred Makeover Trail and Freestyle champion, and was the only trainer to have both horses qualify for finals (top 3) in both their disciplines
2016 Can Am Extreme Cowboy Shoot Out Champion
2015 Thoroughbred Makeover champion and Trail champion
Received ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in 2017 from the Christian Film Festival for her role in Unbridled (a movie that includes two of her horses)
Level 1 Centered Riding Coach
Parelli Level 4 Freestyle & Finesse, Level 3 in Liberty and Online
Named ‘Canada’s Horse Whisperer’ by the Toronto Star
Named ‘Queen of the Thoroughbreds’ by The Rider
A Horse Human Relationship Expert and helps people find a calm connection with their horse

Health and Safety Professionals

Restoration Safety